An Open Letter from Timothy Eldred
President of Christian Endeavor International


July 4, 2012

Dear Friend,

One day last spring I was meeting with a group of fellow pastors when one of them dared to say, “Let’s try to mobilize one million people to pray for America.”

I didn’t make the statement, but I was immediately committed to doing my part.

That was the start of something big — a project called Pray31—A Month of Prayer for America. We decided that October 2012 would be the month.

We began at once to develop a whole range of Pray31 resources, including a key product, the U.S. Prayer Atlas.

In addition to the U.S. Prayer Atlas we created a Pray31 Leader’s Guide with step-by-step strategies, sermon outlines, pastoral letters and more. Beyond that, we produced bulletin inserts, posters, PowerPoint slides and banner graphics to help each church promote their Pray31 initiative.

Now, allow me ask you, Pastor to Pastor: Will you accept the challenge to lead your church in 31 days of prayer for America this October? I hope your answer is a resounding Yes.

I think you will agree that of all the things we can do for our country at this crucial time, nothing is more important than prayer. If we truly want God to bless America—to stand beside her and guide her—we must pray. Nothing is more effective; nothing is more needed.

The national Pray31 kick-off is Saturday and Sunday, September 29-30. The 31 Days of Prayer for America begins on Monday, October 1st.

Pray31 is designed so that your only expense is copies of the U.S. Prayer Atlas for the members of your church. All the other resources are being underwritten and provided at no additional cost to participating churches.

We have done everything we can to make these materials available at the lowest possible cost. Participating churches can purchase the U.S. Prayer Atlas at discounts of up to 75% off.

To make all of this happen we have partnered with Spire Resources to publish, promote and distribute the Pray31 resources.

Copies of the U.S. Prayer Atlas are sold in bundles of 25, so choose the quantity closest to what you will need. (For example, if you plan for 120 participants, order 125 copies of the Prayer Atlas). With your order you receive the Pray31 Leader’s Guide plus other resources at no additional cost.

Thousands of congregations are getting involved. I hope that you’ll get involved as well in leading your church in a Pray31 initiative this October.

Most churches are enlisting everyone—teens through adults—in their Pray31 initiative.

To read more about Pray31 click here.

May God bless you and your church, and may God bless America!

Yours for one million hearts joined in prayer,

Timothy Eldred
President, Christian Endeavor International

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Timothy Eldred
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